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  • Praise To My Hero Academia!

        (Image from Redbubble) So, I just started getting back into anime again! Just the other night I re-downloaded Crunchyroll to my PS4, it took a few minutes to download, (My current internet speed is very basic), but then I finally got reacquainted with the app. While re-familiarising myself with it, I decided to…

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  • Philip k. Dicks: Electric Dreams

    (Image is taken from Channel 4 website)   Over the past few years since I have been tuning into Channel 4’s scheduled programming, and as a channel that can be found amongst various different cable television programming or just free satellite television, it offers many different dramas for viewers. I have always seemed to drift…

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  • About Liam

    Hi everyone and welcome to The Geek Emporium. I’ve always been very passionate towards everything I’ve sought out within my personal life, from my early days playing Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon on my first ever Playstation One, to my adult life and discovering the beautiful artwork and storytelling within Manga and Anime! I…

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